Homemade Pickles Cucumber

At a Glance Info

  Light:  Full Sun

  Water:  High (water often)

  Soil pH:  5.0 to 6.8 (moderately to weakly acidic)

  Spacing:  1 ft. between plants, 3ft. between rows.

  Mature Size:  1 to 4 ft. vies

  Fruit Size:  Harvest when 1.5 to 5 in. long

More Information

The Homemade Pickles cucumber plant is an annual, open pollinated variety of Cucumis sativus (cucumber plant). It can be planted in-ground or in large containers. When planting, dig the hole twice the width of the pot and a little deeper than the pot; if your plant came in a biodegradable pot, click here for biodegradable pot instructions. 

Apply 10-10-10 fertilizer at a rate of 1 oz. per 33 sq. ft. after plants are well established. Do not let the cucumbers get any longer than 5 inches for highest yield. When harvesting, cut the cucumbers from the vine rather than picking them. To increase the life of the fruit, immerse the fruit in cold water after picking.

If you have any questions about this plant, please contact us.